Reviews for 
Joe's Groove Huddle 

Tinnitist (Canada/ May 2022) - Review for Strong

[...] An electrified blast from your speakers, the song sears the mundane and causes a cataclysmic soundscape you’ll find yourself cranking the volume for. [...]

kms reviews (Germany/ January 2022) - Review for Strong

[...] Once you sit down, the tune tells its story in a sophisticated and passionate way. Taking its time, the track changes pace between the rather calm verses and the kickass chorus sections along the creamy guitar solo, where all the energy is released that you can feel lurking in the shadows. [...]

She Wolf (Austria / January 2022) - Review for Strong

[...] Here a gripping and exciting [...] arrangement builds up, in which true talents and die-hard musicians were at work in all respects! [...]

York Calling (England/ January 2022) - Review for Strong

[...] The verses are fairly slow, building up into a huge and anthemic sounding chorus, where the vocals are simply belted out.  [...]

Roadie Music (Brasil / April 2021) - Review for Good Day

[...] Recently the band debuted their early career single called "Good Day", here the group members show instrumentals inspired by retro sound, along with a lyric about having a perfect day. [...]