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The rock project "Joe's Groove Huddle" was launched in 2020 by Jochen "Joe" Kinzig. Inspired by the lockdown and the resulting standstill in his live bands, the bass-player had the idea to write his own songs and record over the distance with other musicians.  

Influenced by the great rock music of the 70s and the 80s as well as the current time, the band provides an outstanding fusion of old-school and modern rock. 


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Songs and releases

In February 2021, the first single "Good Day" was released, followed by "Shot From Behind" in July 2021. The vocals and guitars for these two songs were performed by his former bandmates Uwe Flatter and Jochen Stien (rock band Killjoy from Mannheim/Germany). The keyboards were recorded by Torsten Lehnert and the drums by Christian Fier, both bandmates from current bands of Jochen. On "Shot from Behind" Eckhard Koch contributed the backing vocals. 

With "Strong" (January 2022) the lineup became more international. Eric Castiglia (Italy) and Daniel Picknell (England) contributed the vocals and guitarplayer Benedikt Staud joined the huddle.

"Believe Me" (August 2022) has a slightly political message. It is, that simple answers are getting more and more popular. But experience shows, that real life isn’t that simple and we have to learn to live with complex answers that are not clear cut.

For the Christmas special "Strong Piano" (December 2022) Marie Monta was contributing the vocals. 

"Heading to Myself" (August 2023) is a very pure production with less effects and processing. A very relaxed song with some funky elements. The song is about being trapped in everyday life. A quite groovy but calm bassline together with the funky beat lays the foundation.

Joe's Groove Huddle 
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